Backyard treasure

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Order Broken On the Wheel from Cornerstone Press

Appalachian Review: Circa 1994

Glass Poetry: Justin Timberlake Sings During My First Mammogram

Ghost City Press: When We Were Young

Literary Mama: Thursday Morning, Early, With Fog

Split This Rock: Naked In the Macy's Changing Room, Trying To Think About Anything Other Than the Election

(2017 Abortion Rights Contest Winner, chosen by Jan Beatty)

Dodging the Rain: Intervention for the Intervention Specialist, Poem In Which My Body Calls Me a Bitch, I Speak To My Husband From Inside a Whale, Stockholm

8Poems: My Dog Lifted His Leg

Bird's Thumb: Burying the Draft Mare in February

Jarfly: Safeguards

MORIA: Laundry List

Oyez Review: Naming

The Pikeville Review: Scene From a Yellow Kitchen

Riggwelter: Small Town Haibun

District Lit: The Doe

Calamus: First Inclinations

Four Ties Lit Review: Whirligig

Not Far From Me: Stories of Opioids and Ohio: Walking Past Abandoned Houses, I Think of Eric

(The Ohio State University Press)

How I Spent My Day, Two Years After My Father's Death (read by Robert McCready, from Shuly Cawood's NaPoMo Blog)

Sheila-Na-Gig: Let's Say

Northern Appalachia Review: Trillium As Accomplishment & Discernable Proof

Lost Balloon: Ex-Lover Speaks of Appalachia